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Circular Economy

We have been working to the principles of a circular economy for the last decade. Reusing, Recycling and Re-engineering office furniture. Over this time, we've seen an increase in the number of businesses coming to us, looking for a business-wide sustainable solution to their workplace furniture and supporing their corporate social responsibility.

There are many reasons businesses look to replace or dispose of office furniture, including relocations, internal moves, business growth, and just general wear and tear. We offer a sustainable office furniture solution that works for everyone, from local authorities, large corporations, SME’s to charities, throughout Scotland:

  • Sourcing and installing recycled furniture (refurbishing and/ or re-engineering and reselling)
  • Re-engineering your current furniture (creating new desks through re-sizing desk-tops, using separate desk frames, refurbishing task chairs and re-using components) 
  • Collecting and recycling your unwanted furniture

Did you know that we reuse and recycle 98% of all the furniture and component parts we collect?