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Did you know the majority of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from the production, consumption and waste of goods and materials? Part of that problem is discarded office furniture, fittings, and equipment in the workplace.

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There’s an alternative.

Thanks to our recycle, reuse, re-engineer philosophy, we’ve helped keep over 6,000 tonnes of office furniture out of landfills. With direct access to over 40,000 sq. ft. to process waste and redundant product and access to over 150,000 sq. ft. of community recycling capacity, we can deal with all waste arising from commercial property.  

We reuse and recycle 97.4% of all the furniture and component parts we collect, and our aim is to improve this even more!

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We are Revolve certified

We’re proud to be Revolve certified through Zero Waste Scotland. Revolve is Scotland’s national reuse industry standard of excellence. It gives consumers peace of mind that they’re purchasing a product from a business that’s committed to quality, professionalism, and the environment. 

At every workplace clearance, our primary focus is to remanufacture, re-engineer (and ultimately reuse), and resell as much product as possible. Extending the life of unwanted furniture reduces energy consumption and materials from the manufacturing process.  


Supporting communities

Along with our partner divisions, we’re committed to providing Community Benefits as part of everything we do. As a wider team, we are passionate about designing, building, and shaping sustainable, collaborative workplaces that bring our communities together. 

We partner with local charities, schools, and colleges to provide low-cost, quality furniture. With our economical price point, charities can furnish their offices, local amenities, and houses while still maintaining their budgets for charitable objectives. 

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