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If you’re looking for a convenient, responsible solution to your redundant office furniture, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Our recycling service can arrange and manage the pickup and disposal of all the furniture, fittings, and equipment that you no longer need. We’ll also handle the removal of your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), providing an easy, one-partner solution to your workplace recycling.  

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We work hard to ensure all the items we collect keep their part in the circular economy. We assess each item to determine its options for further life, and what we can’t reuse or re-engineer, we break down into component parts for recycling.

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What we recycle 

We recycle and recover core components, base materials, wood, steel, plastic, fabric, and complimentary waste streams, like WEEE and white goods. 

The timber we collect is separated into three types or commodities: virgin, bonded, and chipboard and then recycled as refuse derived fuel (RDF) or biomass. For our metal intake, we bulk product in walking floors and send it on to our metal recycling partners.  

All timber and metal from our site is 100% recycled.  

Our aim is to prevent any of our waste streams going to landfill. Our current zero to landfill percentage is 98%.  


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