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Drew Carmichael joins Circular Tayside ambassador group

Circular Tayside’s newest ambassador for 2022 is our very own Drew Carmichael, Director of Corporate Moves and Recycle Scotland. Along with his fellow ambassadors, Drew will help promote and encourage circular practices in the local business community.

Drew is passionate about promoting a sustainable business model and hopes to use his time as an ambassador to help encourage circular practices for SMEs across Scotland. ‘My sense is that it’s the responsibility of every business to not only eliminate waste but to increase the length of time products stay in the economy. The circular economy isn’t just about eliminating waste, it’s about creating opportunities and encouraging innovation in the way we approach business and collaboration…We need to make sure we can capture and support the increasing number of organisations looking at the benefits and value in the circular economy. I believe there’s a huge opportunity for Scottish businesses to lead the way.’

We couldn’t agree more. Head over to Circular Tayside’s website to learn more about how companies like us are finding success with a circular business model. Together we can create a more circular economy.

Circularity, sustainability, and providing environmental solutions is something I am passionate about-- there simply can't be a better time to positively impact this space.

Drew Carmichael, Director Corporate Moves/Recycle Scotland