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Office furniture uplift and recycling

If you’re looking for a convenient, responsible solution to your redundant office furniture, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our recycling service can arrange and manage the pickup and disposal of all the furniture, fittings, and equipment that you no longer need, providing an easy, one-partner solution to your workplace recycling. Depending on the quantity and quality of furniture, a resell value may be assigned to the stock, giving you an ethical, cost-effective solution for your surplus furniture.

Recycled Office Desk Chair
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We work hard to ensure all the items we collect keep their part in the circular economy.

We assess each item to determine its options for further life, and what we can’t reuse or re-engineer, we break down into component parts for recycling.

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Saving office furniture from landfill

In 2022 we worked with many companies ranging from large corporates and SME’s to local schools and charities, supporting organisations from all across Scotland to adopt a circular approach to their office furniture.

Our aim is to prevent any of our waste streams going to landfill. We recycle and recover core components, base materials, wood, steel, plastic and fabric from all redundant furniture that we collect.

When we collect your unwanted goods, we break them down into component parts and recycle them back into the marketplace in a new form. Sometimes, this requires a little extra creativity, and a helping hand, to achieve our zero waste goals.

Here’s what some of our collaboration and ingenuity looks like

  • Finding a solution to ‘older’ style, large desks by taking existing desk leg frames and reusing items from furniture we’ve collected elsewhere to reshape the tops and create smaller frames
  • Working with local businesses to provide partner services, like reupholstering task chairs to meet a business’s workplace design or brand
  • Partnering with the wider company divisions to provide workplace solutions on a larger scale, including the support of clients to find an ethical, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to buying new when developing their workspaces

New POPs waste legislation

Any upholstered seating containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) is now banned from being sent to landfill. POPs are chemicals that persist in the environment, causing risk to both human health and the environment.

We’ve reviewed our processes to ensure we’re fully compliant with this new legislation set out by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. To learn more, read our POPs policy document here.

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