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Furniture Re-Engineering

At Recycle Scotland, we recognise the vital role that educational institutions play in shaping our future. As part of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we are proud to work alongside universities and colleges across Scotland to re-engineer their existing furniture as an alternative to buying new.

Why Choose Furniture Re-Engineering?

Reduce Environmental Impact
By choosing furniture re-engineering, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and conserving resources. You're extending the lifecycle of furniture while minimising your ecological footprint.
Creative Transformation
Furniture re-engineering is more than just repairs—it's an art form that breathes new life into your space. We provide personalised solutions that optimise functionality and aesthetics.
Cost Effective Solution
We understand the importance of budget considerations in educational settings. Furniture re-engineering allows you to repair and revamp your environment without the costs associated with purchasing new furniture.
university of Dundee sofas multiple
University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is one of our key clients in the sector and together we are on a journey of repairing and reupholstering their existing, damaged furniture, ensuring it is fit for purpose and aligns with the University’s values of sustainability.

As an alternative to buying new, the initial stage of the project saved approx. 600kg of furniture from going to landfill and saved over £5,000 for the University.

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Our Tailored Process

  1. Consultation: Our team collaborates closely with your institution to understand your unique needs, design preferences, and sustainability goals.
  2. Assessment: We assess your existing furniture to understand the potential for refurbishment and re-engineering.
  3. Creative Design: We propose innovative solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and budget.
  4. Delivery and Installation: Once transformed, your furniture is delivered and expertly installed by our partners at Corporate Moves, ensuring a seamless transition into your educational space.
Keeping furniture in the economy for as long as possible

These university exam chairs had been a staple in the education sector since 1972, providing reliable service for over 50 years.

While many would assume that furniture like this has reached the end of its life, we work with universities and schools who see an opportunity to extend its usefulness, believing in the power of refurbishment to keep furniture in the economy for many years to come.

More Transformations

Refurbished Desk Before
Refurbished Desk After
Worley Desks Before Refurbishment
Worley Desks After Refurbishment
University of Dundee Sofa Before
University of Dundee Sofa After
St Andrews University Chair Before
St Andrews University Chair After

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