University of Dundee Strategic Partnership

Scotland’s leading workplace furniture recycling organisation, Recycle Scotland has announced a strategic partnership with the University of Dundee to re-engineer the university’s furniture as a sustainable solution to disposal.

Beginning with the University’s Dalhousie Building, Recycle Scotland have repaired and reupholstered lobby seating to ensure it is fit for purpose and aligns with the University’s identity. As an alternative to buying new, the initial project has saved approx. 600kg of furniture from going to landfill – equivalent to roughly 0.6 metric tonnes of CO2 – and has generated savings of around £5,000 for the University.

Recycle Scotland take the existing furniture offsite to be repaired and reupholstered, and have also collected additional redundant furniture to be recycled or sold to other businesses to further support the circular economy.

The project is part of a long-term strategic partnership which will see Recycle Scotland reengineering the vast amount of furniture in need of potential repair across the campus, making the University of Dundee one of the first universities in Scotland to undertake a project of this scale.

Working with Recycle Scotland has enabled the University of Dundee to drive its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by supporting responsible production and consumption, as well as launching partnerships for sustainable development.

Drew Carmichael, Director of Recycle Scotland, said: “As one of the biggest carbon contributors in the workplace, the responsible management of furniture waste is crucial. We are therefore thrilled to partner with the University of Dundee to extend the life of its furniture as a sustainable and environmental alternative to buying new. The significant environmental impact of this project, as well as the cost savings, is a testament to the value of a zero waste and circular approach to workplace furniture.”

Trudy Cunningham, Environment & Sustainability Manager at the University of Dundee, said: “We are delighted to work with Recycle Scotland, and fully embrace the circular economy in line with the new Scottish Bill to keep waste and purchasing new products to a minimum.”

As a division of Space Solutions, Recycle Scotland provides sustainable and environmental furnishing strategies within the workplace. In 2022, Recycle Scotland worked with businesses across Scotland to save 255,000kg of furniture from landfill, reusing or recycling over 97% of furniture into component parts.