Recycle Scotland

What we do

At Recycle Scotland we work with businesses to help drive greater levels of direct reuse of office furniture and other assets. We operate a business model where we take redundant workplace furniture and match it with companies looking to source a sustainable furniture solution.

Recycle Scotland Service Diagram

We are an innovative circular economy business, engaging with organisations as industry experts, to deliver customer focused solutions for the recycling or procurement of workplace furniture. We work with businesses to understand their specific requirements and find solutions around repurposing, re-engineering, and recycling office furniture that is specific to each organisation. We advise businesses of the best solutions to suit their needs, ensuring that each result is truly circular and eliminating the need for any furniture assets to be sent to landfill.

We work with our partner division, Corporate Moves to provide labour, transport and furniture installation services, taking care of the whole furniture journey in-house from start to finish.

Who do we work with?

Our team work with businesses who, for any number of reasons, have excess or redundant workplace furniture. We work with organisations with strong objectives around sustainability and circularity, to ensure that we take their furniture and keep this within the economy. When viable, we advise businesses on the resale value of products and share our knowledge and expertise of the expected return.

We also work with organisations who have a desire to purchase pre-used office furniture as a sustainable solution for furnishing their workplace. We work with customers to assess their requirements, and guide them in procuring quality, pre-used office furniture as a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to buying new.

How can we support you?

Recycled Office Desk Chair
Office furniture uplift and recycling
If you’re looking for a convenient, responsible solution to your redundant office furniture, then you’ve come to the right place.
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Scottish Salmon-Recycle Scotland Meeting Table
Buying used office furniture
Want to take a circular approach to your office furniture? We can provide a range of assets and our professionally trained furniture installers will deliver and install the products for you.
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Upcycled Office Furniture
Re-engineering your office furniture
We’ll take your existing furniture and remanufacture it to fit your current requirements, giving it a new lease on life.
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We've got you covered

We offer direct logistical and operational support covering all of Scotland and can serve clients anywhere in the UK through our extended community network.