Circular Economy

We are a circular economy business, remanufacturing, reprocessing, reusing, and repairing to create new products from old and to keep workplace furniture in the economy as long as possible.  

How it works

A circular economy works by moving products around in a continual loop: products are used, collected, re-engineered, and used again.  

Why we support a Circular Economy

The circular economy isn’t just about eliminating waste, it’s about creating opportunities and encouraging innovation in the way we approach business and collaboration. It’s a world where we think about the whole lifecycle of a product, assigning value to everything and wasting nothing.  

Research suggests the opportunity from a circular economy is worth billions, but the success of this is dependent on many enabling factors. As businesses, it’s our role to inspire and promote new thinking, to educate, and to support the increasing number of organisations looking at the benefits and value in the circular economy.

Reverse Logistics in a Circular Economy   

Working with our partner division Corporate Moves we can action our circular economy principles by adopting a reverse logistics approach to our products. Through reverse logistics, we collect used goods we’ve previously sold and then return them to the economy through our product lifecycle (reuse, re-engineer, recycle). 

Reverse Logistics

Our impact

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