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Charlotte Street Partners

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs agency, Charlotte Street Partners relocated to a new office space at Prospect House in Edinburgh in a project that involved several teams and divisions across Space Solutions.


Charlotte Street Partners aimed to incorporate a mix of pre-owned furniture alongside their existing pieces, emphasizing sustainability and minimising environmental impact. Working closely with the design teams, the objective was to ensure that the pre-owned furniture seamlessly complemented their current furnishings, as they were keen on reusing the majority of their existing pieces. We carefully curated a range of furniture items, including a high table, high stools, and boardroom chairs, that not only matched their aesthetic preferences but also aligned with their sustainability goals.


Throughout the fit-out process, sustainability remained a key focus for Charlotte Street Partners. They were committed to minimising their environmental footprint and actively sought ways to achieve this. To achieve their goals, they also reused existing floor carpet tiles, significantly reducing waste. Additionally, they retained and repurposed many ceiling fittings, effectively reducing carbon emissions associated with the project.

By combining a mix of pre-owned furniture, existing pieces, and sustainable practices, Charlotte Street Partners achieved an office space that reflected their brand values, fostered a friendly environment, and minimised their environmental impact. This project serves as an excellent example of how businesses can prioritise sustainability and make conscious choices throughout their relocation process.