Our Clients

Almond Housing Association

Our recent project with Almond Housing Association perfectly exemplifies their commitment to sustainable practices, showcasing how you can blend old and new to create the ideal workspace solution.

Almond Housing Association Refurbished Desks

Almond Housing Association sought a workspace transformation that aligned with their sustainability goals. They aimed to reduce waste, minimise their carbon footprint, and create an environment that inspired productivity and collaboration.

We worked alongside the SPACE design and build team, embracing a holistic strategy that combined a blend of new and reused furniture to meet the client’s needs.


We replaced the desking that was no longer fit for purpose with their new office layout. By providing Herman Miller straight desks and recycling their redundant corner style desks, we not only reduced waste but also conserved valuable resources and divided any component parts that could later be used for re-engineering.

Existing desk screens were also reupholstered, ensuring their longevity and saving them from disposal. This not only reduced the environmental impact but also preserved the character of the office.

Blending old and new

Almond Housing Association’s new office is now a testament to the harmonious blend of old and new. It’s a space where sustainability meets functionality, and where environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with productivity.

Our partnership with SPACE ensured a seamless fit-out process, where every element of the workspace was carefully curated to reflect Almond Housing Association’s vision of a sustainable and suitable office environment.

This project serves as a compelling example of how businesses can mix old furniture with new furniture to find their perfect solution.