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Our 2022 Statistics

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Recycle Scotland. Every year since our inception, our aim has been to prevent any of our waste streams from going to landfills. We assign value to as many products and materials as possible, seeking opportunities for the direct reuse of office furniture wherever we can.

In 2022 we worked with many businesses to find sustainable solutions for excess or redundant office furniture, building strong relationships with clients that chose used office furniture as a cost-effective, environmental alternative to buying new. Our biggest project of the year involved 565 pieces of furniture going from one organisation to 26 other local businesses in Scotland, saving over 15 tonnes of office furniture from going to waste/landfill. Our solutions-based service aims to support a meaningful change from a linear to a circular approach when it comes to the disposal and acquisition of furniture in the workplace.

We are incredibly proud to work with the many businesses that have supported us in achieving these statistics, and continue to work with the wider community to grow these figures in 2023.