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Office Furniture Recycling

We partner with businesses to promote the direct re-use of office furniture and other assets. Our business model involves collecting redundant furniture and matching it with companies seeking a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to buying new.

Circular Economy

We might already be working with a client who has what you need, or is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

By working together to find solutions for the recycling, re-engineering or procurement of workplace furniture, we can minimise the amount of furniture that ends up in landfills and make a positive contribution towards a circular economy.

What we do

Fundamentally, we help businesses drive greater levels of direct re-use of office furniture and other assets. A fantastic example of this is from one of our biggest projects last year, which saw over 500 pieces of furniture from a single organisation go to 26 local Scottish businesses. As a result, we were able save 15,500kg of office furniture – the equivalent of over a thousand office chairs – from going into landfill.

Drew Carmichael, Recycle Scotland Director

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