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STC INSISO, a forward-thinking technology company, was in search of a sustainable and cost-effective office setup for their head office at Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. They sought a partner who could provide not only quality furniture but also uphold their commitment to sustainability.

STC Insiso Aberdeen

STC INSISO’s office setup required a comprehensive solution, including workstations, seating, and storage. Their aim was to create an inspiring workspace within budget while minimising their environmental impact. We leveraged our network and expertise throughout the project to ensure that we met STC INSISO’s every need.

Despite the relatively compact scale of this project, it encapsulated the essence of Recycle Scotland’s service offerings. We provided a sustainable end-to-end solution, addressing responsible disposal, procurement of used furniture, re-engineering, and installation through our partners at Corporate Moves.

To align with STC INSISO’s sustainability goals, we sourced high-quality, pre-owned furniture that perfectly matched their needs. This not only reduced their environmental footprint but also minimised their costs compared to purchasing new items. We sourced these pre-owned items from our current network of trusted clients for this project, which included MacMillan Cancer Support and Sphera Solutions. These pieces, still in excellent condition, perfectly fit STC INSISO’s needs.

Sustainability isn’t just about sourcing used furniture; it’s also about extending the life of existing pieces. We re-engineered selected furniture, ensuring it met STC INSISO’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

STC INSISO now has a fully functional and eco-conscious office environment. By choosing Recycle Scotland, STC INSISO not only embraced sustainability but also contributed to the circular economy.



Sustainability at Scale: Even smaller projects can have a significant sustainability impact when approached strategically.

Collaborative Sustainability: Leveraging furniture from MacMillan Cancer Support and Sphera Solutions exemplifies the power of collaboration in creating a sustainable ecosystem.

A Comprehensive Approach: STC INSISO benefited from an end-to-end solution that included the procurement of used furniture, re-engineering of existing furniture, and furniture installation.