Our Clients


Recycle Scotland recently worked with multi-award-winning ESG technology solutions provider, Utopi, to source recycled furniture for their new office space in EastWorks, Clyde Gateway. With a shared commitment to circularity and environmental responsibility, Recycle Scotland and Utopi’s collaboration was truly sustainably driven.

Utopi was in search of creating a flexible office space which reflected their brand and aligned with their sustainability goals. A part of this process was to make use of recycled furniture where possible. Recycle Scotland and the SPACE team worked together, adopting a comprehensive approach that mixed new and recycled furniture to meet the Utopi’s requirements. Recycled task chairs were sourced which ensured waste was kept to a minimum.

We are thrilled to have worked with Utopi on this project by providing pre-used products to match those selected by other suppliers, creating a sense that everything was part of the original space.

– Drew Carmichael, Director of Recycle Scotland.

Utopi’s new office is an excellent example of how recycled furniture can be used to enhance both new and existing furniture. As specialists in helping businesses reduce their environmental impact, Utopi’s new space reflects their vision of a sustainable yet collaborative office environment.

With sustainability at the core of this project, it was truly a joy working with a team that shares a commitment to the circular economy.