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Recycle Scotland upcycles as Boralex opens first Scottish office

Scotland’s leading workplace furniture recycling organisation Recycle Scotland has supplied upcycled furniture for renewable energy firm, Boralex’s first Scottish office in Edinburgh. As a global leader in renewable energy, it was essential that Boralex’s new office space showcased their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Recycle Scotland worked closely with the SPACE Design & Build team to ensure that the upcycled furniture complemented the new space and reflected Boralex’s values and vision. With sustainability and reuse at the heart of this project, Recycle Scotland supplied over 40 high-quality recycled pieces, making up 70% of the new office furniture. Reused acoustic hanging screens, lockers and a boardroom desk and chairs were incorporated, while the sofa was reupholstered with previously used fabric to extend its life.

Drew Carmichael, Director of Recycle Scotland, said:

As Boralex makes their mark on Scotland, we are thrilled to have incorporated recycled furniture within their new office. By prioritising recycled and reused products, this project is a testament to how businesses can achieve an office space that reflects their brand values while minimising their environmental impact.

Kari Clouston, Senior Project Manager at Boralex said:

Protecting the environment is at the heart of the Boralex Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment and underpins everything that we do. It was therefore fundamental to our new office build to integrate the principles of the circular economy into as many parts of the project as possible. Using Recycle Scotland to supply much of our furniture was an ideal solution. The quality and choice available were excellent and we’re delighted with the finished space.

The project is part of Recycle Scotland’s ‘We have a solution’ campaign which offers every furniture item the opportunity for a second life to reduce waste. By providing Boralex with a sustainable workplace furniture solution, using high-quality recycled furniture and reupholstering items to match the new space, Recycle Scotland has diverted office furniture from unnecessarily reaching landfill.

As a division of Space Solutions, Recycle Scotland provides sustainable and environmental furnishing strategies within the workplace. In 2022, Recycle Scotland worked with businesses across Scotland to save 255,000kg of furniture from landfill, reusing or recycling over 97% of furniture into component parts.