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The Circular Economy is Here to Stay

You don’t have to dig too deep to understand the benefits of the Circular Economy philosophy.

Smart people and smart businesses can see the benefit of reusing, repurposing or reengineering where possible to extend the lifetime of a product.

Scotland, we’re proud to say, is at the forefront of the Circular Economy movement. Supported by the local Chambers of Commerce, cross-border partnerships and both local and central government, lots of organisations across all sectors are getting on board. The main reason for the interest in this area is that it just makes sense.

From the founding of the company 10 years ago, Recycle Scotland have talked the talk while also walking the walk. The company was set up to tackle the amount of waste created from the disposal of office furniture that was no longer fit for purpose or just no longer needed.

  • Recycle Scotland’s founding principles still apply today: Develop relationships with organisations and assist them with the responsible disposal of their office furniture.
  • Look at how existing furniture can be reengineered and reused – either for the same client or for new clients.
  • Separate out component parts for recycling and send to landfill the absolute minimum amount of waste.

If you want to see Recycle Scotland and the Circular Economy in action, check out this webinar from last year. It brought together expertise from the public and private sector to showcase a new office fit-out in London that embodies everything positive about the Circular Economy and how the principles can be applied widely. It’s well worth watching!

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The Circular Economy is here to stay and needs to be a cornerstone of your Corporate Social Responsibility policies.